Emily St. Amant


12:00PM - 4:30PM PT
How We All Play a Role in Prevention

105 - Suicide in Context

Learn the commonly overlooked factors that play a role in suicide risk for individuals and particular communities. Emily will share considerations for safe messaging to reduce social contagion, as well as considerations related to diverse identities and marginalized communities. You will be empowered to work more effectively with people experiencing suicidal ideations in their direct clinical work and to advocate for needed changes to stop the rising number of lives lost to suicide. 

Member of the American Counseling Association and Counselors for Social Justice.

Emily St. Amant, MA, LPC-MHSP, AS is a Licensed Professional Counselor- Mental Health Service Provider, and a board-approved clinical supervisor (TN). She currently serves as the Counseling Resources and Continuing Education Specialist in the Center for Counseling Practice, Policy, and Research at the American Counseling Association. Emily has 16 years of professional experience in a variety of settings in behavioral healthcare. She has worked as a psychotherapist counseling individuals with severe and complex mental health and substance use concerns. She has also worked in crisis assessment and utilization review and as a continuing education course developer and author. Her current passions and areas of focus are advocating for and supporting her fellow counselors and therapists, suicide prevention, substance use, and decolonizing healthcare and society. Emily is a member of the American Counseling Association and Counselors for Social Justice.